Thursday, February 23, 2012

WebCenter PS5 Installation - Quick guide - WebCenter Spaces setup

We started all the Managed Servers and all applications are running.
To use all the different components in WebCenter Portal Spaces, wee need to add the services to the configuration. I hoped that the configuration was done automatically, since a large number of components / services are installed in the same domain.

No problem, we know what to do...

Navigate to the Enterprise Manager at http://localhost:7001/em and login as administrator.
After the login, open the WebCenter folders to check it out.

One thing that worries me a bit is the fact that the version number of WebCenter Portal Spaces states, while I just installed (PS5)... We'll see...

Let's continue.
First, we need to set the Intradoc Serverport in WebCenter Content.
Click on Oracle WebCenter Content - Content Server

We see some statistics and a menu in the top left corner of the right panel.
In the menu, select Configuration

For Intradoc ServerPort select 4444 which was the default in previous releases.
Then click Apply

In the Admin Server, we need to enable some components.
Navigate to http://localhost:16200/cs
Login as weblogic user.

from the menu (apologies for the Dutch menu, did not install English yet) select manage(?) and the admin server

In the list of components, DO NOT check FrameworkFolders This is the new folders component shipped with 11g. WebCenter Portal however still uses the old folders_g component.
Do check the WebCenterConfigure component.
Click Submit (or Apply, or what ever the button at the bottom says :)

After this setting, the managed server has to be restarted.
In the menu select Control, Shut Down...
And yes, we are sure...

After the shutdown, in the menu select Control, Start

Click webcenter

We see some statistics and a menu in the top left corner of the right panel.
In the menu, select Settings, Service Configuration

Let's configure WebCenter Content first.
From the list of services, click Content Repository and then the Add button

In the Add Content Repository Connection page enter the required information.
Let's name the connection OCS, short for Oracle Content Server (the Repository Type)
The connection is active
sysadmin is always a good Content Administrator :)
We're configuring the connection for WebCenter Portal Spaces, so we use the root folder /spaces and name the application Spaces.
The RIDC Socket Type is Socket. The port has the number we just entered in the WebCenter Content configuration.
The Server Host can be localhost (unless you configured something else)
The Authentication Method remains Identity Propagation, which is default.
The Web Service Context Root is /cs, the last part of the URL we entered in the previous blog post.
Again, enter sysadmin as Administrator User Name.
Click Test if everything is entered.
The test should be successful. If not, please check all the parameters.

If the test succeeded, click OK.
The server should be restarted, but first let's configure the rest as well.
In the list of services, select Discussions and Announcements and click the Add button.

Enter the connection details for the discussions and announcements.
The Connection Name will be Discussions (or anything else :)
Again, check Active Connection
The URL will be http://localhost:8890/owc_discussions unless you consolidated the WebCenter components  to a single Managed Server.
The Administrator User Name is weblogic (or the admin user you created during the domain configuration)
Leave the rest of the settings default and click Test
If the test is successful, the configuration can be stored by clicking OK

Finally, lets configure Analytics as well. Always an interesting feature for management.
Click the Analytics & Activity Graph service and click the Add button

Let's set the Connection Name to Analytics
Again, check Active Connection.
We want to enable WebCenter Portal Spaces events, so check Enable WebCenter Portal Event Collection
We do not have a cluster, so set the Messaging Mode to unicast
The Collector Host Name is localhost, since the collector is running locally.
The Collector Port is 8891, the port of the managed server the collector runs in.

Test this connection as well. If the test is successful, click OK

Now we have configured all the connections, restart the application.
From the menu, select Control, Shutdown...
After the application has stopped, select Control, Start Up

Right. That's it.
Ready for testing...
The WebCenter Portal Spaces application should be accessible at http://localhost:8888/webcenter


  1. You mention that your version number of WebCenter Portal Spaces states, did not change to
    Did you rectify that? Mine also still says

  2. Nope. Not yet. Planned to log a service request for the issue this weekend...

  3. "In the list of components, check FrameworkFolders and WebCenterConfigure Click Submit (or Apply, or what ever the button at the bottom says :)"

    You are misleading your readers...
    Let's look to product documentation:

    "Upgrading to Oracle WebCenter Content Server 11g
    To configure Content Server for WebCenter Portal 11g, you must ensure that folders_g is enabled.

    For Content Server 11g, Oracle recommends Folders (the FrameworkFolders component) as the folder interface instead of Contribution Folders (the Folders_g component). However, WebCenter Portal uses the Folders_g foldering capability. Therefore, to use Content Server 11g as a content repository for WebCenter Portal, you MUST have Folders_g enabled and FrameworkFolders disabled. You cannot have both enabled on an Oracle WebCenter Content instance."

    1. Andrey,

      You are absolutely right.
      I did correct this during initial setup (after I ran in some problem) but forgot to change the post.
      Thanks for the pointer!