Monday, January 21, 2013

Nice tool to replace many others

It's been a while, but last Friday I got inspired to write another post.
This time not directly related to ADF / WebCenter but to a tool I recently came across.

For some time I'm more and more involved in installation, configuration, performance testing etc.
Therefore, I spend more time on the server to do a number of tasks.
Normally I use the following tools:

  • Putty
    SSH / Telnet client to connect to a server and perform numerous command line tools
  • VNC Viewer
    Combined with VNC Server running on the server machine to run X11 applications. Often used for running Oracle installers
  • WinSCP
    Secure copy tool to copy files to and from the server
Recently I was pointed to MobaXterm 
This tool can replace all of the above.

Why do I use the tool?
First of all, the tool replaces all the tools I used before.
When you create a new session, you get to choose the type and as you can see they support a lot.

Let's say we open a SSH session to one of our servers.
As soon as the connection is made and you logged in, you can start a X11 application like the installer, provided you enabled X11-Forwarding (which is enabled by default)

As with Putty, you can change the background / foreground color of the session to differentiate the environment you are working in (Development, Production etc)

Another nice one is that you can FTP to and from the server immediately as well.
In the sidebar there is a SFTP tab in which you can browse folders and up / download.

Another great feature is the Multi-execution mode
When you enter a command, it is sent to all terminals.
This is ideal when you are managing multiple nodes. Type once. Execute many :)

There are some limitations in the free version. The professional edition will cost you E 49,00
The most annoying limitation of the free version is the fact that the number of saved session is limited to 10
However (can I mention this??) If you edit the MobaXterm.ini file, you can add additional session manually.
This is not recommended of course and for only E 49,00 who's not willing to buy the professional version :)