Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The birth of a WebCenter based Intranet - 1

In this series of posts we follow an imaginary company, lets call it 'Bunny Inc.' on their WebCenter based Intranet implementation
The posts describe the steps they need to take, the functionality they will implement and the challenges they meet during the project.

Since they have a number of Intranet renewal failures, they do not want a huge project which will take 6 months or more to deliver something just to see it does not meet their requirements.
In stead, they want a basic Intranet in little time and extend the Intranet over time.

When we were called to assist Bunny Inc. in this process, we did an intake.
During the intake process, we made an inventory of requirements they have for the Intranet. Not just for the first release, but also for the long(er) term Intranet.
At first Bunny Inc. was reluctant to cooperate as they were afraid we wanted to make the implementation a huge project. Fortunately we were able to convince them the long term vision was necessary to make sure we make the correct decisions during the implementation of the first phase that would not bite us in a next phase which would mean we would have to do rework.

We refer to this as Think Big, Start Small.

During the intake, Bunny Inc. provided us with the following required functionality:
  • Informing employees about (new) developments within the organization
  • Publishing events (calendar)
  • Yellow pages (employee information like name, email address, phone number etc)
    Information should be modifiable by the employee
  • Enable employees to get more involved in the content on the Intranet
  • Being able to share experiences and knowledge
  • Provide personal information such as:
    • Company car information
    • Health insurance information
    • Reviews / evaluations
    • Presence reports
    • Etc
Read how we went along in the next episode.

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