Thursday, February 23, 2012

WebCenter PS5 Installation - Quick guide - WebCenter Portal

In the previous step, we installed the WebLogic Server 10.3.6
Now we're going to install the WebCenter Portal software.

Download the software and unzip the file.
Start a command prompt and navigate to the Disk1 folder.
Start the installer by typing setup.exe -jreLoc (see screenshot)

At the welcome screen, click Next (or in Dutch, volgende)

Since this version is just released, I doubt if there are updates, so select Skip Software Updates and click Next.

Hopefully, the prerequisites get checked fine so you can continue.
If anything is wrong, please correct the issue. Otherwise click Next.

Select the Oracle Middleware Home where you just installed the WebLogic Server.

Of course we use the Weblogic Server, so select WebLogic Server as Application Server and click Next.

At the Installation Summary, click Install

Watch the progress bar getting to 100% in just a few minutes...

After the installation, Click Done.

Done. Another component installed. The installer reports a time spent of 11 minutes.
On to the next component, WebCenter Content.

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