Thursday, February 23, 2012

WebCenter PS5 Installation - Quick guide - WebLogic Server

The order in which you install the different components may vary.
I like to start with the software installations.
So we start with WebLogic Server.

After downloading the WebLogic 10.3.6 software, unzip the zip file.
Note: There is no Java included, so either download that separately, or copy the Java folder from a previous install :) (I've got PS4 on my laptop as well, so I just used that Java home)

Assumed platform is Windows...

Start the installer by opening a command prompt and start java with the just extracted jar file.

When the installer is extracted, the welcome screen is displayed.
Click next to proceed.

It's best to create a new middleware home, if it is only to independent of other software
Enter the Middleware home directory.

If you do not wish to be kept informed avbout security updates, uncheck the check box.
Note: The checkbox will not be unchecked. Just continue...

Since there's no email address, and the checkbox is selected, you'll receive another confirmation prompt. Just continue...

I always select typical install, as I want to have it all...

Browse to the location of your Java home.
I selected my copied Java tree.

The path for WebLogic Server and Coherence are fine. Just leave them and click Next

I'ld rather not have shortcuts because I do not use them anyway but we cannot deselect shortcuts. So lets create them for me only. Click Next

At the summary click next.

The quickstart would enable you to create a domain.
But first we want to install the WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content software.
If we install that software first we can select the software to be deployed in the domain at creation.
If we create the domain now, we need to extend it later with the additional functionality.
So uncheck Run Quickstart and click Done.

That's it. The WebLogic Server 10.3.6 is installed. Lets proceed to the next step, installing the WebCenter Portal software.

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