Friday, May 25, 2012

The birth of a WebCenter based Intranet - 2

My apologies for the time between the previous post and this one.
One would think the Bunny Inc. Intranet would be fully implemented by now :)
Lucky for us, it's an imaginary implementation (is it ?!?)

Any way. In the previous article in the series we could read what Bunny Inc. has on their wishlist.
So let's continue...

We first did a product review to select the product to best fit the needs Bunny Inc. has.
In our opinion, Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus fits best.
Oracle WebCenter is the user engagement platform for social business, delivering connectivity between people and information.
With this selection made, we presented the selected software in a demo session with Bunny Inc stakeholders such as the CEO, CFO, CIO, department management and a delegation of employees. The stakes they hold differ between them, but they will all be end users of the end product, the new Intranet.

As Bunny Inc. does not want to have a major project to start with, we picked the requirements that are quick wins. Things that come out of the box or require some configuration only. These were the main focus points during the demo and impressed all the stakeholders.
With the previous meeting in mind, where we introduced the Think Big, Start Small phrase, some managers actually thought even bigger and came up with the possibility to include communication to and from partners, suppliers and customers as well.
The employee delegates welcomed this idea and shared the ideas they have around improving communication with these parties.

Bunny Inc. wanted to do an inventory session after they had some time to workout these new ideas. In this session, we noticed that the main goals were to:

  • Share information (content)
  • Allow partners, suppliers and customers to provide feedback on this information
  • Being able to share experience and knowledge with and between partners, suppliers, customers and Bunny Inc. employees
  • Provide 'personal' information such as:
    • Order status
    • Payment status
    • Etc

After analysis of these functional area's we concluded that they had a 90+% match with the previous defined requirements and where they did not match, the requirements were in the same spirit.

This gave us a good idea on how to start implementing the new Intranet.

How we did this can be read in the third episode.

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