Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Content Presenter does not return any documents for a query

If you add a Content Presenter taskflow to your WebvCenter (Spaces) application and want to shown content as a result of a query, it might happen that the query does not return any documents.
Normal procedure would be:
  1. Go to edit mode in the page (CTRL-SHIFT-E)

  2. Click Add Content
  3. From the folder Content Management, select Content Presenter

  4. Close the repository
  5. Click the first edit icon
  6. Click the button Select Content
  7. As Content Source, select Results of a Query
  8. Enter the query criteria and click Preview Results to see... a preview of the results.
Even though you're sure that the selection criteria should at least match one or more content items, the preview remains empty.
No errors show up in either the WebCenter log file or the Content Server log file.

The problem is most likely in the configuration of the Content Server.
If you check the config.cfg from the content server, you probably are missing to directives:
  • SearchIndexerEngineName
  • IndexerDatabaseProviderName
These tell the content server to use the Oracle Text Search features. Without these, the query will not result in any hits.

Change the $DOMAIN_HOME/ucm/cs/config/config.cfg file and add the two following lines:


Save the file and restart both the content server managed server and the WebCenter managed server.

If you retry the Preview results, you should get results.

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