Friday, August 16, 2013

WebCenter (PS7) released

When WebCenter PS5 was released, I was in the middle of my holiday.
Two days ago, PS7 got released ant today... I'm going on holiday.
I really need to have some conversations with Oracle to align these two events in the future...

I started the installation today and for now I assume the procedure is not much different from the previous releases. The previous release I installed on the 'old' WebLogic (10.3.5) but I'll pick the 'new' release (10.3.6) for this install.

The database is reused from the previous version. Since some time you can create a prefix for your installation so we can just create a new prefix (WC8 in my case).

First thing I noticed is that the RCU supports installation of the OSN schema's.
Will OSN be released as a local installable application soon?

The next thing I noticed that I had hardly any time starting the post during the installation process.
The creation of the schema's and tables took less than five minutes. Record breaking!!

In the Weblogic 12c installation the weblogic folder is renamed from wlserver_10.3 to wlserver.
To make my life potentially easier in the future I'll adapt to this naming convention during the WebLogic installation. Again, the installation is straight forward. I did unchecked the example database (a packaged Derby database) to save some disk space (of about 5 MB :)

After the WebLogic install I first started with the WebCenter Content installation.
You still need to start the installer with the -jreLoc parameter. This sucks on Windows. I just want to click the setup.exe file...
Once it is started, the installer requires about six fields (folder locations) and the installation process starts.
No pain at all! Until 81%.
There we got an error...

In the log file we see that the installer tries a chmod statement ... on Windows ...
Not going to happen....
I really got the generic install.
Unfortunately, the flight is leaving soon so I don't have time to fix this.
End of the installation so far :(

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